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AngelStep 250 Underlay

AngelStep 250 Underlay

AngelStep 250 Underlay

The AngelStep® range is an acoustic underlay for the treatment of Impact and airborne noise transfer.

AngelStep® construction combines a highly effective support and cushion. It provides maximum performance for minimum thickness combining impact and vibration damping and sound absorber.

The resilient polyester core layer absorbs impact energy and residual airborne noise from above and below, transforming wave vibrations into heat energy. AngelStep 630 greatly reduces airborne sound waves noise above or below the floor - and complies with the Building Code of Australia in respect to separating floors between adjoining dwellings. When AngelStep® is installed, it delivers optimum performance and comfort for both resident and neighbours alike

Compared to products made by others, Acoustica’s AngelStep range of underlays have been shown in independent comparison tests to offer a more effective acoustic treatment, a thinner solution, that is also cost effective.