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Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

In Australia, the three major fibres used in carpets are nylon (polyamide), wool and polypropylene (polyolefin). Some carpets are made of blends e.g. 80% wool with 20% nylon is a common blend.
Despite the competing claims of fibre suppliers, no one fibre necessarily makes a better carpet. Good carpets are made from good raw materials and components, coupled with the skills of the manufacturer to produce a properly constructed carpet using these components.

For this reason, there is no simple answer as to the ‘which fibre is best’ question and it is unwise for consumers to base a buying decision on fibre alone. For more information on fibres and styles produced by Quest Carpets, contact us or ask your local retailer.

At Quest we manufacture over 30 different ranges of carpet with many differing styles and fibres. We know how hard it can be to choose carpet so we have compiled a snap shot of some of our ranges in the different fibres and styles we manufacture to help your decision making a little easier.

Natural New Zealand Wool Carpet

For our wool products we combine the most advanced agricultural and manufacturing techniques with the best nature can offer, through the use of 100% New Zealand wool. Due to the harsh climate New Zealand wool is regarded as the best in the world, so you can be assured of lasting quality and beauty for many years to come. Direct sourcing of our wool from the yarn spinners equates to consistent high quality yarn for Quest Carpets.


Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Proving to be a very popular style, solution dyed carpets are very affordable and amazingly resilient. Our synthetic yarn is sourced from one of Europe's leading producers of solution dyed and dye-able synthetic yarns. They hold an excellent reputation world wide. These products are available in a large range of colour options, solution dyed carpets are easy to keep clean allowing your family to comfortably live with a stunning Quest Carpet.


Superior stain resistance
Non Allergenic
Won’t pill or shed
Colour fast and fade resistant
Built-in anti-static protection
Easy maintenance

Soluton Dyed Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene Carpet
Synthetic man made fibres are blended together to provide an exceptional alternative to other products. Soft to the touch, resilient and easy to clean, a polypropylene carpet can be a cost effective addition to any floor.


Inherently stain resistant
Excellent colour fast qualities
Durable and cost effective

Carpet Styles

There are two (2) basic carpet constructions: cut pile and loop pile. They can also be combined in one surface design to create a cut and loop construction. These constructions can also produce a vast range of different surface effects that are known as styles.

Level Loop

A simple loop pile with tufts of equal height normally in a ‘tight’ construction using fairly fine yarn.

Level Loop Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

Multi-Level Loop

This is also referred to as high-low loop or sculptured loop. As these names imply, this carpet is made up of different pile heights, two or three heights being the most common. The difference in height creates a surface that can be described as sculptured, with the pattern appearing to have been carved from the carpet.

Muliti Level Loop Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

Cut Pile Plush

Cut pile is achieved by cutting the tops of the loops so that they stand upright and form an even surface. Plush pile carpets are made of dense and lightly twisted fibre, providing a smooth velvet or velour finish and that luxurious look.

Cut Pile Plush Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

Cut Pile Twist

Cut pile is achieved by cutting the tops of the loops so they stand upright and form an even surface. A twist uses very highly twisted yarn to achieve a crisp feel and more textured appearance. This hard wearing texture can minimize tracking and shading.

Cut Pile Twist Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery

Berber, Heather, Tweed

Normally made of thicker yarns tufted into chunky loop tufts and usually of earth tones with a flecked or mottled appearance.

Cut Pile Twist Quest Carpet in Persian Art Gallery






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