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Quick-Step Combi-Lay Standard

Quick-Step Combi-Lay Standard

Combi-Lay Standard is a good quality, medium density polyolefin underlay for all floating floor applications. It incorporates a continuous clear damp-proof with 100mm overlap and integrated “peel and stick”. The inclusion of a continuous damp proof is a requirement under most floating floor installations. With Combi-Lay, the need for additional damp proof layers is almost always avoided*, making installations quicker and more cost effective.Combi-Lay Standard combines the right balance of compression, slip and damp proof characteristics into one affordable package. The 50 square metre rolls are easy to handle, while the no fuss lay flat polymers make installation simple.


Combi-Lay Standard Benefits

  • easy to handle – 2mm thick x 1m wide
  • continuous damp proofing in one application*
  • integrated peel and stick strip
  • lay flat polymers for easy installation
  • will not hold water, and will not mildew
  • compatible with standard trims ▪ low cost


  • thickness supplied: 2mm
  • water vapour transmission rate: 4.62g/m2.24hr
  • water absorption: 0.07mg/cm2
  • compr. strength at 25% compression: 30kPa

The benchmark underlay for all applications

1 roll: 20 m² or 50 m²